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Mon of the Takeda clan

Takeda (武田, Takeda) is a Japanese family name.[1] Throughout the course of the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan, the famed Takeda clan of Kai Province had many descendant branch families.


  • Daisaku Takeda (武田 大作, born 1973), Japanese rower
  • Genyo Takeda (竹田 玄洋, born 1949), retired Japanese game designer and executive
  • Hisayoshi Takeda (武田 久吉, 1883–1972), Japanese botanist
  • Kumiko Takeda (武田 久美子, born 1968), Japanese actress
  • Larissa Tago Takeda (武田 羅梨沙 多胡), Japanese voice actress
  • Masashi Takeda (wrestler) (竹田 誠志, born 1985), Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial artist
  • Misae Takeda (武田 美佐江, born 1943), Japanese speed skater
  • Nana Takeda (武田 奈也, born 1988), Japanese figure skater
  • Sachihiko Takeda (武田 幸彦, born 1937), Japanese sport wrestler
  • Satoshi Takeda (武田 聡, born 1968), Japanese swimmer
  • Shinzaburo Takeda, Mexican artist
  • Shogo Takeda (竹田 渉瑚, born 1995), Japanese swimmer
  • Takeda Sōkaku (武田 惣角, 1859–1943), reviver of Daitō-ryū aiki-jūjutsu
  • Takeda-no-miya, one of the former ōke, or cadet branches of the Japanese imperial house established during the Meiji period by a scion of the Fushimi-no-miya. Not related to the samurai family.
  • Takeda clan, the family of Takeda Shingen, and a relatively important and powerful one therefore, in Japan's Sengoku period
    • Takeda Nobutoradaimyō, Shingen's father
    • Takeda Shingen – one of the most famous daimyōs in Japanese history
    • Takeda Nobushige – Shingen's younger brother, held their father's favour to be heir of the clan, continued to support his older brother throughout his life, he also wrote the Kyūjūkyū Kakun, a set of 99 short rules for Takeda house members
    • Takeda Nobukado – brother and adviser to Shingen
    • Takeda Katsuyori – Shingen's son, Katsuyori commanded his father's armies after his death, and saw the fall of the Takeda family
    • Takeda Yoshinobu – son and initial heir, later executed and succeeded by Katsuyori
  • Toyoki Takeda (武田 豊樹, born 1974), Japanese speed skater
  • Tsunekazu Takeda (竹田 恆和, born 1947), Japanese retired equestrian, former member of the IOC
  • Yasuhiko Takeda (武田 泰彦, born 1937), Japanese rower
  • Yūkichi Takeda (武田 祐吉, 1886–1958) scholar of Japanese Literature

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